Let's face it. Anything associated with "green", "eco", "environmental friendly" is slapped with a higher price tag, be it services or products. We are mindful of the higher costs to operate a green hostel but we are not taking any shortcuts. Living green is a long term project. Therefore, we are constantly working on the best practices to be green while keeping the costs, reasonable for you.

Room Type

Rates (SGD)*/bed

Mixed/Female 6-Bed Dorm


Mixed/Female 8-Bed Dorm


Mixed 10-Bed Dorm


Mixed 12-Bed Dorm



Please contact us for the actual applicable rates. We only accept Singapore dollars (SGD).

(*) Globetrotting cyclists passing through Singapore will be entitled to 50% off the current prevailing rates for each night’s stay (Maximum 3 nights). You won’t find a better place to rest your tired legs and battled soul than in Tree In Lodge! Guaranteed, because we are cyclists ourselves.



what you’ll get in return?


  • We ensure that guests, particularly women, are safe, as are their property. Entrances are always monitored or locked, and our staff members are trained and well-supervised.
  • Everything -- bathrooms, floors, linens (upon arrival), windows -- is clean.
  • Female dorm is available for female travellers.
  • We understand the peak hour jam for toilets or showers. We have addition toilets and showers in both levels. 
  • Drinkable water (hot/cold) is provided 24/7 (for you to battle the sometimes scorching Singapore heat). Reduce purchase of convenience stores' mineral water – reduce disposal of single-serving plastics bottles.
  • We aim to maximise your rest and privacy. Our walls are well insulated. We have also installed curtains on every bed for your privacy.
  • There are free maps and information about attractions. We also have recommendations on what to do if you are seeking experiences off the beaten tracks - TALK TO US!
  • Breakfast is offered. There is also free instant coffee, tea and sugar available in kitchen area.
  • Laundry facilities available*
  • Free internet for 24hrs.
  • Universal power point for charging electronic devices at each bed.
  • Fresh linen, blankets, pillows and personal reading lamps, security card access.
  • Fully air-conditioned rooms. (Air-conditioning will be switched off from 12pm to 6pm daily. Windows/doors opened for ventilation to improve indoor air quality and conserve energy)
  • Lockers (use your own padlock).
  • No curfew.
  • Self-sufficient kitchen, free for you to use to whip out a meal!
  • Free luggage storage for your bags at check-in/check-out.
  • For cyclists, there is also free storage for your bicycles.
  • Free walking tours in collaboration with third party operators are available daily.
  • Trips sharing sessions (open to anybody willing to share their trips, experience!!).
  • And if there are items you wish to discard/recycle (e.g. magazines, books, clothes) at the end of your trip, leave them with us!

(*) There will be a minimal fee for laundry. As part of our green initiatives, we only use environmentally friendly detergent.